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Corporate Telecom Solutions , call center, videoconferinta, audioconfertinta, voip pbx, trunk, teleconferinta, telemedicina, teleprezenta, video telefonie


quasar-net-roServicii si Solutii flexibile pentru viitor. Open Source, Linux dreptul de alege liber! Webdesign, Programare, Routere cu management de banda si utilizatori


2v.roVOX Solutions is a romanian software company that provides end-to-end IT solutions for a various business fields ranging from proprietary IPTV and VOIP solutions to desktop and web development. Our company offers a range of already build applications and has experience in building custom applications for large customers. We provide also IT consulting to our customers as well as mainainance for our products.


fmt.roSiemens System Partner – Centrale telefonice, call center centrala telefonica voip, telefoane fixe si fara fir DECT, centrale telefonice Siemens, service centrala telefonica Siemens Alcatel


qplus.roSolutii IT, Integrare sisteme informatice, echipamente IT, Hardware, Software, Consultanta, Asistenta Tehnica, Inchiriere Echipamente, Web Design, Web Hosting, e-commerce si Outsourcing.


vocalnet.roVocalnet. Your complete IP Telephony solution


primetelecom.roInfiintata in anul 2000, Prime Telecom este prima firma de telecomunicatii care a furnizat tuturor operatorilor servicii de transport si conectivitate in regim de neutralitate.